02 NovDo you believe in Guardian Angels?

I know I always believed in Guardian Angels but I’m not sure if I ever experienced one in quite the obvious way as in the Fall of 2007. 

I was overdo for my first mammogram.  In July of 2007 my doctor reminded my that I was now 41 and I really needed to get that baseline. For wahtever silly reason, I had always been afraid of getting a mammogram and dreaded the day I turned 40…for other reasons too, but I won’t get into that.

So I took the little pink slip from the doctor at the River Falls Medical Clinic with the phone number to call the River Falls Area Hospital and put it in my desk.   Yea, Yea, I’ll call tomorrow, I thought.

At the time I was working in downtown Minneapolis and was a manger with a great team.  One of my team members, Karen, was in her early 60’s and very motherly towards me.  She came in my office in September to let me know that she needed to leave early on Thursday because she needed to get her mammogram.  I told her that I really needed to do that too and nodded towards the dreaded pink slip that had been eyeing me for two months now.  She ponited her finger at me and said “you better do that!”  “I will, I will, I promise.”  was my response.

But then I got side tracked with work and before you know it, I was once again ignoring that little reminder on my desk.   But Karen wasn’t so easy to ignore.  About two weeks after that conversation, we were in the break room and she asked if I had scheduled an appointment yet.  I lowered my head and meekly said “no” and she quickly said “you lied to me.”  Well, I didn’t want to be a liar so I marched right into my office and made that appointment.

On October 8, 2007  I walked out of the River Falls Area Hospital thinking that wasn’t so bad and I actually felt good about being proactive about my health. 

I won’t get into all the details between October 8 and October 22 when I was told I had cancer,  but what I will tell you is that Karen was my real life Guardian Angel.  As it turns out, I had a very fast growing tumor and any further procrastiantion on my part could have been the difference between life and death for me. 

I did later tell her thank you for saving my life.  And it also gave me one big huge reminder to appreciate all those Guardian Angels God has put in our  lives everyday doing so many wonderful things for us, that we may not even realize.   

Okay, I’ll try to avoid the sappy ending here, but I know I learned a lesson on gratefulness and appreciation.  It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day drama…I’m guilty…just ask my friend Lisa, my venting partner…but I try really hard everyday to thank God for all He has given to me and to be grateful, especially for that Guardian Angel, Karen.

2 Responses to “Do you believe in Guardian Angels?”

  1. Keri says:

    I’m grateful for your Guardian Angel, too! I would never have met you if it weren’t for her and then for all you’ve done for ACS since then. :)

  2. Kelly Luckey says:

    I love this story and what it means to all of us who love you!!
    Thank you for sharing and reminding us all to be mindful of our guardian angels!!

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